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Your First Step To Becoming a Confident Coach


MasterCoach Step One


Includes the use of the MasterCoach App

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offers you a quick & easy way to try out the MasterCoach System & App to coach your clients & teams today!

The MasterCoach App was created exclusively for coaches & trainers certified by the MasterCoach Institute, & those enrolled in our programmes.


As we've received many requests from leaders & coaches worldwide to try out the MasterCoach System & App, we created MasterCoach Step One to guide you in taking your first step to experiencing our coaching innovation.

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Wan Chung, Lai MISCP MSPS

Co-founder & CEO

The MasterCoach App & Institute

What's in the Pack

7 step-by-step video tutorials (*Complete under an hour)

3 months use of the MasterCoach App (*All features unlocked)

Free MasterCoach 'Client App' for every person you coach

Eligibility to sign up for our 3-session Online MasterCoach Programme (Learn More):

  • Earn your certification as an App-powered Coach

  • Option to use the MasterCoach App on a continual basis

  • Option to upgrade to the MasterCoach Certified Trainer Qualification

  • Curriculum is recognised by the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP)

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MasterCoach Step One

Introductory Pack

(Includes use of the MasterCoach App)

Available now for:

$69 USD

Loving the idea of an app that makes coaching actionable.

Engineering Manager

at Tech Unicorn

Brilliant, convenient & portable! MasterCoach will benefit every leader & coach.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

International Coach Federation (ICF)

The MasterCoach Programme & App is the irreducible minimum to bring coaching into workplace cultures.

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

International Coach Federation (ICF)

The MasterCoach solution enables whole cohorts of managers to be onboarded as confident workplace coaches in a seamless, painless & sustainable way.

Professional Coach & Masteries Practitioner

International Association of Coaching (IAC)

Learn from the convenience of your home. Find out how MasterCoach can lift your coaching game today.

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